About the brand

Discover the comprehensive range of products SPARTUS® Pneumatics

The SPARTUS® Pneumatics brand was created on the basis of many years of experience and knowledge. Every day we work on solutions which meet the requirements of our customers and match their needs.

SPARTUS® Pneumatics combines the latest technological solutions with excellent ergonomics and quality. We guarantee a wide selection of compressors and pneumatic tools with excellent ergonomics and quality.

The broad range of SPARTUS® Pneumatics products includes a high quality line developed with an eye to professionals and a series of economical and simple to use tools which can easily find a use in household workshops. This is a marvellous proposition for people seeking good solutions at a fine price.


Niebieska linia SPARTUS® Pneumatics

SPARTUS® Pneumatics blue line products are based on simple and effective solutions. They are geared towards people looking for functional products at reasonable prices. The blue line can be used in workshops, and for hobbies, as well as for simple and less demanding tasks in the manufacturing sector.
The SPARTUS® Pneumatics blue series consists of easy to use pneumatic tools characterised by high ergonomics and an excellent price-to-quality ratio.


Żółta linia SPARTUS® Pneumatics

SPARTUS® Pneumatics yellow line products are professional and technologically highly advanced equipment. It is dedicated to professionals who are seeking reliable and fully functional devices for industry. The pneumatic products on offer can be used everywhere there is a need for top quality construction and masterful precision.
The SPARTUS® Pneumatics yellow series ensures the best parameters and resistance to difficult working conditions. They can be successfully applied in industry for demanding and specialised jobs.


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