Compressors SPARTUS® Pneumatics SPB

SPARTUS® Pneumatics piston compressors are technologically advanced devices made of high quality materials. Very important advantages of our compressors: low price of operation costs, multitasking, precision and work culture. The construction of the compressor gives it easy to use, convenient and ergonomic.   A powerful engine makes these compressors reliable and irreplaceable devices in every company, workshop or household. We guarantee, that SPARTUS® Pneumatics piston compressors will meet your expectations and thay maintain the highest standards.


Sprężarka tłokowa SPB1924SPB1924SP700-20-024PISTON COMPRESSOR SPB1924
Sprężarka tłokowa SPB1950SPB1950SP700-20-050PISTON COMPRESSOR SPB1950
Sprężarka tłokowa SPB3650SPB3650SP700-36-050PISTON COMPRESSOR SPB3650
Sprężarka tłokowa SPB3710SPB3710SP700-37-100PISTON COMPRESSOR SPB3710
Sprężarka Tłokowa SPB3715SPB3715SP700-37-150PISTON COMPRESSOR SPB3715