SPARTUS® Pneumatics Tools

Impact spanners

SPARTUS® Pneumatics impact spanners are an irreplaceable high-powered tool which can easily screw and unscrew even the most stubborn bolt. The SPARTUS® Pneumatics impact spanner is suitable for professionals who work with spanners every day.

SP702-13-01 Impact spanner 3/4″
Klucz udarowy 3/4" [havy duty] SP702-13-02 Impact spanner 3/4″
Klucz udarowy 1/2" [super&compact] SP702-12-01 Impact spanner 1/2″
Klucz udarowy 1/2" [super&compact] SP702-12-02 Impact spanner 1/2″
Klucz udarowy 1/2" [ultra&compact] SP702-12-03 Impact spanner 1/2″

Disc grinder

The CUTT-OFF type disc grinder from the SPARTUS® Pneumatics series is the perfect tool for making quick and precise cuts. Its small size and excellent usage parameters mean that this disc grinder is well suited for use in both a professional workplace and in the home.

szlifierka tarczowa SP702-33-01 Disc grinder

Straight finger grinder

The SPARTUS® Pneumatics straight finger grinder is excellent for grinding and smoothing holes, dents, recesses and cuts, whether they are straight or more complex in shape. The bobbin grinder is fitted with ergonomic casing. The versatile mounting of the tool broadens its functionality to cover many varied accessories and additions, such as grinding stones, lathes or revolving wire brushes.

Szlifierka palcowa prosta SP702-30-01 Straight finger grinder

Angle finger grinder

The SPARTUS® Pneumatics angle finger grinder is dedicated to professional use. Due to its versatility and universality, it is equally useful for sanding, polishing, cutting and brushing any metal surface. Because its head is at 90°, the device will reach into every cranny, ensuring the user has full control over the working of the material.

Szlifierka palcowa kątowa SP702-31-01 Angle finger grinder

Ratchet spanner

The SPARTUS® Pneumatics ratchet spanner is a vital tool for rapid screwing and unscrewing without using force. The ratchet mechanism ensures great comfort of use and precision of work.

Klucz zapadkowy SP702-23-01 Ratchet spanner

Pneumatic hammer

The SPARTUS® Pneumatics pneumatic drill is an indispensable tool for installation, assembly, sheet metal or masonry work. It ensures comfort and ergonomics of the work done, reliability and excellent efficiency. We offer chisels along with the hammer, which enable a wide range of materials to be worked quickly and conveniently.

Młotek pneumatyczny 190mm SP702-40-01 Pneumatic hammer